Tuesday, August 2, 2011

shhh...Turn off the symbian camera annoying sound.

hello there..as usual, i'm also the symbian user...Symbian S60 5th
i love to snap n record vid,but an annoying sound peep out when i snap the piczz..arggg so annoying and turn down my mood..  how to overcome this kinda of prob?? i surf a lot of time n reads more site to stop this crazy problem..

-many people say "turn off the warning sound at setting" but not all people can solve this easily..(not the best solution) mybe just a little of them says "yea"
-using the software , i also not proper to use it.. CameraFX allows the end user to snap pictures minus the annoying camera shutter sound.
- From what I read, there are a few ways, you can hack your phone and remove certain wires, or simply replace the mp3 file in your phone that makes the shuttle sound. 
- I found the patch that can disable the camera shutter sound in Nokia 5800 XM is based on S60 v5. At the time of writing, this patch works on the v20 firmware. Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to kill the annoying camera shutter sound on your Nokia 5800:
1. Download CenRep 3rd, unzip the file.
How to Disable or Mute the Camera Shutter Sound in Nokia 5800, N96, and N97
2. Visit the official Symbian Signed Page for application developer, enter your IMEI number and your e-mail address. Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct because the download link of the signed file comes in your mailbox.
3. Check your e-mail for the confirmation and visit the link for verification. Another e-mail will be delivered to your mailbox, download and install the signed file. (you may need to reboot your phone for the patch to work) When you are done, change your profile to silent mode and begin snapping secretly!
End of Update
How to Disable and Mute the Camera Shutter Sound in Nokia 5800?
How do I disable or mute the camera shuttle sound in my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic? Nokia and most of the mobile phone manufacture have specifically designed the camera application to make the shutter sound no matter what profile you have activated. This has something to do with most of the privacy laws around the world. The reason given was to keep people from snapping pictures of other people without them knowing.(but mostly people can't get the certificate from the site, sometime over 3 weekz waiting the respond,,depending on yr luck)

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