Monday, July 25, 2011

how to get start when we try to do exercises i our daily life

Hello there, in our daily life we always forget to thank god for gave us healthy body. So, what can we do?
 simple we must do some exercises to keep our body fit.
But,people always give reason to get of from do it. " i can't,i'm busy right now " , " i really want to but i'm shy" , " i'm so tired".. blabla bla

Some time,they do not know how to get start..
1. We must try to do the easy  exercise first,and don't think somethink that difficult. Try to grab advice from doctor or someone that expert.

2. do it right now,and dont ever give a thousand reason.

3. start with the basic exercise to proceed the hard core exercise.

4. make sure you do it do often with minimal. to ensure we can accept it in our daily life.

5. tell other people to do it,and enjoy our exercises.
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