Thursday, July 28, 2011

what kinda of your fav. between LCD, LED or plasma HDTV?

Should i know between LCD, LED or plasma HDTV? important or not?? do you know? or just know to watch movies on tv...but do we never cross in our mind, what it is.
i wondered and now i want share this info to all of you.

normal terms such as HDTV, response time, Full HD, among others. Currently, each category of HDTV has its own characteristics. The Plasma TV was the first technology that enabled the production of thin TVs with larger screens and higher image quality. The LCD TV arrived soon after, and many said it was the end of the Plasma – which did not happen, because sales of Plasma TV still growing every year. The LCD technology has dominated the computer market and arrived in the HDTV market with the strength to play space. First there was the 27-inch LCDs and 32-inch. Then came larger and with better image quality.
The news then was the LED TVs. In general, the big difference between LCD vs. LCD with LED is lighting. In LCD with LED in place of fluorescent lamps to illuminate the screen, enter small filets of LEDs on the sides (or rear) to generate the lighting.

So?which kinda off tv do you have? all about technology that never stop,being crazy parasite on our daily life..

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